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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

my first boxing lesson

today was my first time in the ring and i loved it! learned five whole punches and felt quite uncoordinated at times, but it was SUCH fun. to warm up he had moi running stairs and doing crunches - not quite my usual downward facing dog.

as a proponent of creativity, i do LOVE learning new things and truly find this to be empowering - even with my pink gloves, zebra socks, and pink boots. poor guy was like, "um, you don't have tennis shoes?" i can't wait for lesson number two - hopefully my wrists will no longer be sore. gotta buy some wraps for them. i hope they make 'em in pink.

today we got a beautiful blanket of snow and sir louis the pug loved it. he's all dolled up in beau's alma mater posing for the camera.

despite getting home at 3am, dashing to a 9am meeting, and getting home at 10:30, i'm feeling good. i love full days that leave me wanting more. now i'm going to kick up my pink boots and indulge in a little r & r. 'night!

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Unknown said...

How fun! And yay on trying new things :)

cutestgoalie said...

They definitely have pink hand wraps. Twins carry a nice pair, you can get them on I have been sporting the pink gloves and hand wraps for a couple of years and I think it definitely helps :) Nice one on trying something new!

shinyyoga said...

I'm definitely a fan of the full on days as well.. I get so much done!