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Thursday, January 01, 2009

eco-fabulous bridemaids dresses

TranquiliT is delighted to launch its bridal LUXE collection - the perfect dress for your wedding and beyond. Brides, be the friend that finally gives your maids exactly what they deserve: a beautiful, sustainable, luxurious bridesmaid dress that they can't wait to wear over and over again.

No longer do bridesmaid dresses have to be frumpy and constructed out of scratchy, uncomfortable materials. TranquiliT offers a new way of thinking about bridesmaid dresses: comfortable, eco-friendly, versatile and as always, fashionable.

Even more fabulous is the fact that you are no longer restricted to the colors and styles that someone else thinks are right for you. You are in complete control of the color and style of your dresses. You pick your color out of our wide selection of 95% organic bamboo fabric (or choose to eco-dye your dresses) and you choose the style that your bridesmaids wear by wrapping our luxe bridal dresses in one of over 20 different ways!

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