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Thursday, December 11, 2008

tranquility-filled giving

tonight 4-8, friday + saturday 12-4, join us at the TranquiliT showroom for 20% off holiday shopping of our eco-luxe line. in addition, check out tranquil space's online holiday gift guide chock-full of green gifts for yogis, babies, fashionistas, and boys - oh, and a 15% off coupon!

i spent monday evening packing up goodies for all those on my list and it feels good to have most of it done. i made some special aromatherapy blends for friends and next week's TSF board meeting and dinner party guests. making gifts always feels so special and personalized. for our teachers, we're doing a special artsy 15-minute photo shoot to capture their personalities - this one is super-exciting for moi. love, love, love exploring creative, unique ways to honor the special people in my life.

play with ways to reach out to those in your life to say you care: make a card. bake cookies. mix up aromatherapy spray. plant a tree in someone's name. bead a necklace. knit a scarf. decorate a 2009 planner. make a terrarium. personalize your favorite book. give a journal filled with your favorite quotes. offer to pet or baby sit. write a poem. sew a skirt. make some cider.

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