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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

serving up tranquility

the year is coming to a close and i'm dashing off to oklahoma bright + early tomorrow for five days. one of my favorite rituals to do at the end of the year is a recap of the highlights. i hope to settle in to do this one night next week when we return. i'll be sure to share what i come up with.

in the interim, i wanted to comment on the word tranquility and why i have infused it into all i do. as you probably know, we teach what we most need to learn. i am a doer. love me some doing. when i created the studio in 1999, i wanted it to be an oasis for people to rejuvenate, feel special, enjoy comforting scents, and relish in being. thus, the name of tranquil space fit perfectly. as i continue to create new things, i keep the word tranquil close to heart. not just for fluid branding, but as a conscious reminder to seek tranquility in all i do. tranquility is defined as quality or state of being tranquil; calmness; peacefulness; quiet; serenity. doesn't that sound divine?

my hope is that by sharing my idiosyncracies, passions, creative pursuits, struggles, and joys, i can continue to serve up a dose of tranquility (and occassional laugh + inspiration) for you. wishing you a beautiful holiday FILLED with tranquility!

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Heather Pierce said...

you are so fab, kimberly! LOVE hearing about your adventures and quirks. totally helps keep me going when the days feel too long ;-)
merry christmas!

Unknown said...

Hi Kimberly. Have had the pleasure of working with "beau" recently -- he does wonderful work. Hope to take a class from you next time my travels take me to DC. Enjoy your holidays.
Angela Broderick, MA, CAE (and RYT)
Kansas City

Lisa said...

Yes, you do all those things and more. You are a lovely person Kimberly. Thank you for the laughs AND the inspiration.
Have a wonderful holiday!