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Monday, December 08, 2008

new week, new you

i'm getting in the habit of writing "new year, new you" taglines in preparation for all my new year events. when i woke up this morning i thought about "new week, new you" as a way to encourage small changes along the way. for example, i woke up at 8 today but stayed in bed until 8:30 - not quite ready to face the long day ahead. then i decided i'd start the day off differently with a blog post, journal writing, hot bath, and then dash to the studio for my 10am call with my accountant.

starting the day or week on a fresh note is a great step toward making change. why wait until the new year? another change i've been practicing is taking more downtime to play. i'm loving it! took a private sewing class yesterday and made some fabulous palazzo pants and a not-so-fabulous top. trying to make friends with my machine (bought 1 year ago - used 3 times) despite my envy of the serger (ideal for knits). to-dos continue to pile up, but that's nothing new. taking the down time during a very hectic time of the year (hollydaze) is worth its weight in gold. try it, i think you'll like it!

take a moment to identify one small change you can make this week. share it on the blog. share it with a friend. note it in your journal. now, get ready for leaping into your week in a different way! new week, new you.

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Anonymous said...

this week i'm going to live courageously. i'll do something every day that scares me and complete the tasks that i have been avoiding.

Globetrotting Cacti said...

I am going to start contacting companies and ask to be removed from their mailing list when junk mail comes through my door... and I also have a new recycling system in operation at home. Thanks for the green suggestions...