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Monday, December 29, 2008

the making of leopard-print palazzos

fresh home from five days and four nights in the lovely land of oklahoma which beau describes as very . . . ,well, brown. lots of dead (hence the adjective brown) open space this time of the year.

i arrived with heaps of leopard-print fabric and a pair of palazzo pants i made during a recent private sewing class (where i was gleefully introduced to a serger). so our final day together involved lots of measuring, cutting, sewing, and modeling our new wares and this pictoral journey shows it all.

my mum's sewing machine is a gem and the fabric glides through it so smoothly. such a treat. sewing is truly an empowering art. as a former home ec queen (not kidding - 9th grade!), i can honestly say that sitting in front of that machine and having an outfit or piece of an outfit in a matter of minutes (hours or days!) is such a good feeling!

can't stop thinking about the serger though. think TranquiliT may need one for the showroom! although i may need to call in a consultant everytime that little bugger needs threading. do you see how many spools a serger uses? alas, the creation of these palazzo pants (once cut) was super-speedy and super-fun. and oh-so-comfortable! god bless leopard-print.

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Caren said...

so cute!! Love the pics. Did you fly with your dog? I'm curious what airline you used, and if they let louis travel under the seat? We want to fly our pugger to ohio, but having trouble finding a cooperative airline.

Happy new year!

Diane said...

What a delightful way to spend time with your mom and grandmother! Any way I can get in on the leopard print palazzo pants action? They look adorable and I'd LOVE a pair!