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Saturday, December 20, 2008

holiday merriment continues

beau and i reserved this day on our calendar weeks ago. since we didn't do our annual tradition of taking louis out to the country to choose a tree, we wanted to find a way to escape the city for a few hours. this morning i did some online searching for pet-friendly options hoping for a sleigh ride or equally festive event. i came across the philip carter winery that was having a special holiday event today AND welcomed pups. perfect! we tasted some yummy vino, indulged in cheese + crackers, and enjoyed the country air for a few hours. note louis in mid-yawn!

by the way (confession time), i indulged in 5 cupcakes yesterday. yep, 5! woke up craving one today. held out all day, but we picked up 4 on our way back to town so it looks like i'll get my fix after all. yuuuummmm! i truly can't imagine life without cupcakes. so sad.

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Lisa said...

Gosh you are funny. 5 cupcakes a day sounds like my kind of diet. It may not be that healthy for your body, but it sure seems like it'd be good for your mood (smile)

Asset gatherer said...

I could eat only cupcakes for the rest of my life. I never get tired of them. They are so cute, and yummy and pretty these days!

But how do you stay so skinny? I feel like I was able to eat a lot of sugar in my 20's, and could be skinny if I exercised.

Now, I'm approaching 35, I exercise more than I ever have, and one gram of sugar makes my stomach pooch out!

How do you do it?

Caitlin said...

I'm loving the trigger-happy blogging. I'm home on break and bored out of my mind! Thanks for giving me something to read other than textbooks.

kimberly wilson said...

ah, the stomach pooch. i've come to accept it. always had it, always will - especially with my passion for sugar! never been much for a sit up girl. alas, the pooch. however, i try to balance my sweet tooth out with yoga, green tea, heaps of h2o, and greens!

Cabin 19 Supply Company said...

Louis looks like he is in the middle of a huge laugh from his toes up! Darling!