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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Creative Thursdays: Reuse and Recycle

Here at TranquiliT we are all about the 'small touches.' If you have ordered from us, you might have noticed that we include not only your merchandise beautifully wrapped, but we also include little freebees. Most often we include a small muslin pouch with some lavender buds.

Here's some creative ways to reuse this fun little gift:
-place it in your linen or undergarment drawer for a fresh scent
-fill the bag with additional herbs or even powdered milk and toss into your next bath
-once you use up the lavender, use the baggie to carry small objects; it's great for jewelry or as a coin purse.

Have another smart way of re-using your bag? Let me know! Leave a comment or email me at

~christy, events designer

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1 comment:

LittleSister said...

I like to put my little lavender bag into my suitcase or weekend duffle. It's a nice surprise the next time I use the piece and it's always there if I need something while on a trip. Thanks!