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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

the 80/20 principle

we've all heard this: 80% of our results come from 20% of our efforts. hmmm, wouldn't it make sense to determine the best use of our 20% and do yoga the rest of the time? here's two great articles that talk more about it: 11 ways to boost your life and understanding 80/20. i find myself struggling with this regularly! i hope this may be helpful for you, too, as you juggle the holidays, work, crazy economy, relationships, school, parenting, and self-care. here's to our 20%!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kimberly! It's been a long time and I'm glad to stop by for a dose of, well, let's just say a deep breath! Someone asked me about time management yesterday and I thought of the 80/20 rule and wish I'd seen this post before responding. Oh well, even more of a reason to check in more often! Love

Deadra Morrison said...

Kimberly, you are a wonderful cornupcopia of powerful, profound information. Thank you for taking time out of your busy life to help others move more gracefully through their hectic lives.