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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

what a day!

i started to post early tuesday morning and am coming back to the blog early wednesday morning after a VERY historic day. oddly enough i woke up EARLY and full of excitement today about what was going to unfold. sure, i get excited about all sorts of fabulous things, but was surprised to see that this election was making such an impact - especially on my sleep which is my *absolute* favorite endeavor these days.

anyway, the excitement continued. seeing the "i voted" stickers, voting with pride, seeing students dash off to election watching parties, and then watching it unfold when i got home from the studio around 10pm. no matter what i always get saddened by concession speeches. candidates put so much of their heart and souls into campaigns of any sort - especially one such as president of the united states. obama, as anticipated, blew us all away with his speech. he is a GENIUS speaker. terribly impressed with his ability to present. wow! dc is on fire right now - honking horns and loud cheers outside despite this late hour. truly a memorable day!

last night i subbed meditation class and read a quote by pema chodren that encourages us to embrace our dark sides. a student came up afterwards and mentioned a great quote she'd read about johnny cash. apparently the quote mentioned that he was so great on stage because he brought his good side and shadow side up to perform. i like that! perfection is a myth. we're all such complex beings and it's good to remember that what we struggle with is also what makes us special. god bless being quirky and imperfect!

by the way, these random photos are from a shoot this morning by the lovely sally mannix - moi in dove donning strappy heels (of course!) and moi, pug, and beau. aren't black and whites so dramatic?

oh, for a little more drama, check out this fabulous eye mask sent by a friend. can you say totally indulgent? i love it!

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Lynne from NY said...

Hi Kimberly!!

I woke up feeling so positive, hopeful and excited. These are amazing times.

Love your blog today. The black/white photos truly capture the moment like no others. Heels and yoga - you go girl! Definately get the family photo framed, it's a keeper.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Happy, Shiny, Bright day!

I'm so glad to hear that D.C. was so enlivened by last night.

Today, I feel utterly empowered.

I feel like the world is no longer a frightening and dark place.

I am so proud that our president elect used the word "peace" so often in his speech.

I am so proud, for the first time in my life (as a gen-x'er) of this country.

Nothing is beyond us!

Politics to Peaches said...

Days like this make me miss living in DC!

Love the family pic, esp Mr. Pug. I have a pug as well - I just love them!

Ananda said...

the photos are terrific. my favorite is the one with you, beau, and doggie. i love the pema chodron reference about embracing the dark parts of ourselves. i have been doing that lately. i even gave them names.