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Friday, November 07, 2008

a week in review

this week has been filled with teaching oodles of yoga (classes, teaching training, and workshops), a photo shoot where i had beau and pug sit in for some fun family shots, an AMAZING election night that filled dc's streets with joy, a tranquil space foundation gala recap meeting (yay for hitting lots of our 2008 benchmarks!), TranquiliT open showroom evening, fun press in washingtonian (where i outed myself as a tarjay clothing buyer . . . yikes, nothing like high fashion!), mentoring session with an amazing woman, updated my contact page (let's connect!), and passed along the latest TOC, intro and chapter one to my publisher. whew! now off to set up the booth for TranquiliT at dc's greenfestival this weekend. swing by if you're in town. tonight we've got hip hop yoga with a dj spinning and tomorrow i'm leading two hours of yummy hip openers in between greenfest festivities. join moi if you can! monday i dash off to the hills for another five days of writing. the calm after the storm! ahhhhhh. wishing you all a delightful, energized, and green weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kimberly -

I just wanted to share with you and the HTC community to be extra careful with purses/personal belongings while spending time @ Teasim in Dupont Circle. Last Thursday, I had my wallet stolen from my purse while I was sitting there enjoying a pot of tea with a friend. It happened to 2 other women that same evening (one gal had her entire purse stolen!) and apparently it's been a problem recently. I know Teaism is doing everything they can, but I just wanted to caution everyone to keep a CLOSE eye on your things while you are there.

Ananda said...

enjoy the weekend. thanks rah16 about teaism aler.