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Saturday, November 01, 2008

saturday musings

here are some fun photos from the greater dc cares event that happened before i left town last week. moi and the director getting hypnotized; beau, baby b, and moi; and moi with director pre-hypnotizing. fun, fun event. support their efforts at

back from a week full of very little stimuli beyond the occasional passing train that shook the old farmhouse. it feels oddly exhausting (yet equally comforting) to be back home. i'm hopeful this is a minor state of readjusting to my pace. funny how "patterned" our systems are, eh? when you switch it up a little, they go into rebellion. my poor system is going to go into total shock as i'm home for a week and then back to write some more the following week. ahhhh. should be back to "normal" in december! ha!

while away i discovered the MOST amazing tea that you will hear my rave about for weeks to come: sweet rose by tulsi tea. OMG! truly one of the most amazing teas i've ever found. indulge. then, indulge some more! if you don't know about zico coconut water yet, i encourage you to do some indulging there, too. tastes like sugar water but is uber-good for you. what more could you want?

just received a link to from the lovely kelly watson who interviewed me recently regarding living your brand. hope you enjoy!

post-yoga today, i'll be heading to busboys and poets to see the lovely PS24 perform. if you're local, come join us! the band is a delight and we'll be doing a live music/yoga class together in february.

may you celebrate your system shifts from exhaustion to energy, your authentic voice (brand) development, and savor some yummy tea - preferably rose! happy all saints day.

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The Depressed Yogi said...

You look beautiful!!