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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

do you ever take a moment to reflect on what you have accomplished?

i was asked this question yesterday and i thought it was an appropriate question to ask all of you. when was the last time you stepped back, looked at where you are, and patted yourself on your back for . . . your education, your skill set, your fabulous hair, your yoga practice, your do-gooding efforts, your healthy eating, your health, your relationships, your ability to set boundaries, your self-care rituals, etc, etc?

i'm sad to say that my answer was not too impressive as i'm sooo much more of a "doer" than a "be'er." (thank god for my yoga - it's all about balance!) my response usually notes all there is to do and all the great opportunities (and needs) out there. i'm not good at looking back, always looking forward. sure i get sentimental but i enjoy making things happen. that's where i get my juice.

yet, this time the question stuck (especially my lame response) and i thought it was a good question to share as i'm wondering how you would answer it. so here goes:

do you ever take a moment to reflect on what you have accomplished?

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Anonymous said...

not until i found your blog and saw this post! i think it's much easier and more natural, for me (and you) at least, to think about what else i should be doing, how to make things happen. but it is good to look back once in a while and see how much you've experienced and learned and made happen already - it can be motivating.

thanks for the post and i'm glad to have found your blog!


Miracle said...

I think it is important to do reflect on that question, however I don't do it nearly as often as I should because I am always wanting to use that energy to move forward, to accomplish more, to focus my inner drive. It is always nice to be reminded to think about important things such as this.

Caren said...

I just did!! thanks for the thought provoking question! I tend to look at my life in chapters. My last chapter started 14 months ago and since then I've quit a job that no longer supported my interests, traveled to india and nepal, did a yoga teacher training, got engaged, got married, and now I'm starting a business... whew. I guess I have been busier than I thought.

Great question!

Joselle Palacios said...

No, I usually focus on what I haven't done and what I should do, which is tons of fun, as you can imagine! The few times I've actually taken the time to write down what I've accomplished in, say, the last year, I am always proud and even surprised at how far I've grown. I'd like to do that on a daily basis rather than just once a year. Great question.

Nikki said...

I remind myself of my accomplishments most often when I am frustrated with a situation in my life or when I am discouraged. It helps to look back and see the situations I overcame when I thought I wouldn't. Reflecting on past accomplishments helps me remember that I specifically chose the path that I am on, and that I am in control of it.

Ann said...

Quite often I'm thinking about some future goal and how I'm going to get there rather than looking back at the really amazing things I've done for myself already. Too often I'm pondering/worrying about my future rather than celebrating myself right now.

Your question has made me feel fantastic! -- more in the flow of life now. It's wonderful to look back at all I've accomplished so far..... Thanks so much for the great feeling -- it's so very valuable.

Ananda said...

well now you have given me a weekend reflection assignment. my life coach reminds me from time to time. so does my book editor. they do it to try and keep me balanced. thanks for posing the question. many thanks.

Anonymous said...

I suggest someone who might want to answer the question could try doing a "life map" - an interesting exercise that a friend of mine did at a Kripalu workshop. You note your life highlights - and lowlights (since those are the special times what the most important lessons might be learned) - on a timeline. It's not important what we accomplish necessarily - as long as we know we are doing what we are meant to be doing (our purpose).
- Kristi, CenterPeace Yoga