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Saturday, October 04, 2008

almost a whole day off

wow. i'm feeling so light. today may have been the first day in years where i had absolutely nothing planned and didn't plan to have nothing planned. the workshop i was to lead in virginia got rescheduled last minute and i decided to keep the day open despite the numerous things i "should" be doing! the day started with a delivery from ikea with our new bed that beau is graciously putting together now. it was time to say goodbye to the loft bed and pull out couch bed and return to a normal existence within the pink palace. photos to come!

i luxuriously stayed in bed until 2 reading and napping, took louis to the dogpark, biked to georgetown with beau, had a late lunch, hit LUSH for about 15 bath bombs, went to see religulous (highly recommend!), perused anthropologie's book and candle collection, browsed at barnes and noble, got to pet a white french bulldog puppy, rode home, and am now handling a backlogged project that must be tackled before i leave. what a delightful day!

so looking forward to a bath tonight complete with a bath bomb - maybe their new english countryside. tomorrow beau, BFF, her sig other, louis and moi are heading out to a cabin in WV tomorrow through friday. i'm so looking forward to regrouping, writing, collaging, and being. i'm officially a fan of unplanned down time and feel like today was a true gift. i am making a pact to have more of these moving forward!

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The Depressed Yogi said...

yay what a fab day!! your new bed is gorgeous, btw, and i bet Tim is thrilled that the loft is history. I can't wait to see pics. enjoy your week at the cabin!

Ananda said...

glad you had time for you and beau.

Sarah said...


Do you have any recommendations of tea houses or coffee/tea cafes in DC? I am beginning to really embrace tea, and trying to get away from always using a tea bag. I was recently in Palo Alto, and went to the cutest little tea shop where you could order a pot of brewed loose leaf tea --- and really wanted to go somewhere around here. You are my go-to girl for this!