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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

a quote to inspire

Life is not about finding yourself
Life is about Creating yourself.-
Source unknown

Ah, don't you just love this quote? How often do you stop to ponder how you are creating yourself? I LOVE this idea and enjoy the reminder to stop, drop, and create!

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Nikki said...

This really is a great quote. It's amazing to me how the human brain works when one decides to simply change thought patterns, and how the heart can heal and change as we grow. Sometimes I remind myself to "create a beautiful day." Perspective and attitude make the difference for me.

Vanessa Moore said...
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Dr. Jay SW said...

I think one of the barriers to "finding oneself" is the deep inner fear of not liking what one finds. This quote offers a nice way around that....

Ananda said...

this was a beautiful quote. i am going to use it in my yoga classes this weekend.

Connie said...

Thank you. I totally needed that!

Peace & Love.