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Saturday, September 06, 2008

i heart pigs, cows scare me

i was super-excited to meet jd (our adopted pig) and travolta (our adopted cow - you can read about him in the 6.07 veg guide on their site) at the farm sanctuary yesterday. they live out their days happily in their natural habitat roaming the pastures and rolling in mud. since most cows don't make it to full term in size, I was shocked when I saw travolta - he's HUGE! like 1000 lbs! i couldn't get too close to him due to my skittish nature (kept hiding behind beau) and travolta's lack of interest in me over the grass he was chewing, so the photo of him by the pond was the best together shot we could get! pigs apparently love to have their bellies rubbed so jd and i had some good quality belly rubbing! to adopt your own farm animal, visit here.

this whole experience was a beautiful journey into the practice of ahimsa to all and a connection to those who have beaten the odds. i always have a softspot for the underdog. thank you jd and travolta for sharing your spirits. now i want a pot belly pig! i hear they make great pets and are sooooo cute. beau says no.

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Anonymous said...

Be really careful about the pot-bellied pigs. I wanted one also...they're adorable. However, my neighbor in college thought he'd bought one, but after about 3 months he realized it was a little larger than what he'd hoped. Plus, the boy pigs...well, they have issues with tinkling on things and it's smelly. REALLY smelly. I'd say, go make friends with one on a farm and visit him/her often. They are really sweet.

Sallie Ann

Blog said...

I love this! I totally want to adopt an animal! :) Love your hip shades! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay!!!! I'm so glad to see this, I'll probably sponsor/adopt in the near future. I'm a vegetarian and have long felt for the suffering farmed animals. Kudos to you Kimberly for putting this out there. There's another podcast that I listen to called "Vegetarian Food for Thought." The woman who casts them (Colleen Patrick-Goudreau) also wrote a cookbook and has a fabulous website. I highly suggest that everyone check it out, and encourage a podcast or interview with more on the topic. Kimberly and Colleen are two of my daily sources of inspiration...sorry if that sounds cheesy :-)

The Depressed Yogi said...

YES!! Colleen rocks!

Joselle said...

What lovely farm sanctuary pictures. I credit my visit to the Catskill Animal Sanctuary ( last year with being one of the reasons I finally went vegan. Spending time with the animals, looking into their eyes, and touching them was so powerful and truly changed my life.

I third the recommendation of Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's Vegetarian Food for Thought podcast ( She's the other big reason I went vegan. And you, Kimberly, are the reason I finally got to a live yoga class and started journaling again! I love it when the internet works on the behalf of goodness and not just snarky gossip. :)