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Thursday, August 07, 2008

six movements of the spine

looking for a bit more fluidity in your spine? check out this video (guest starring louis the pug) that walks you through the six movements of the spine. more to come! note my "impressive" use of french!

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Blog said...

Really nice sequence. Thanks! And, LOUIS!!! Love Louis!

I have a pink mat, too! And, a green one, a blue one and a teal one.... I ONLY seem to use my pink one, though! Love it.

Lynne from NY said...

Excellent video, just what I need right now (working late on a project, hunched over a pc). Everything is so tight and stiff but I'm sure this will help.

Sir Louis has got to be the cutest thing this side of heaven. I love the way he lays with his hind legs behind him!

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Perfect sequence to fight my mid-day office blues!

Ananda said...

this is a nice series. i am gonna use it today and will share it on sunday at the free yoga class that i teach. thanks so much. i love the video with the doggie.