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Friday, August 29, 2008

bonjour from lenox, mass

after a long journey we arrived around 3am for some more study time with the lovely dharma mittra. looking forward to doing oodles of writing and reading amidst the heaps of yoga. i have five writing project deadlines to keep me motivated. a friend who is joining me for the weekend brought SARK's latest opus juicy pens thirsty paper so i read through it during our drive up last night. wow - i so *heart* that SARK. great book and highly recommend it for those of you wanting to do some writing for self-expression, publication, or just for fun!

a BIG thanks for all the amazing ideas you all shared on your morning rituals. i'm *terribly* impressed and look forward to carving out my own and sharing it with you! wow, keep 'em coming!

i was disappointed to receive a comment from an anonymous poster last night downplaying the efforts of other commenters, assuming that these great morning rituals cannot be done if you have children, and requesting less "complaining" on the blog regarding lack of time. after much internal debating, i rejected the negative comment as i don't want that type of energy on the blog, much less from "anonymous."

why do people enjoy voicing their opinions in an anonymous fashion, squashing other people's efforts, or feel the need to express negativity towards strangers in such ways as anonymous commenting? i find this to be an interesting phenonmenon in the blog and online world in general. since i've been writing this blog for 4 years and put myself out as a busines owner for 9, i try not to let these comments affect me personally -- although i must confess that that continues to be easier said than done. however, i draw the line when anonymous flies in for a negative comment toward others starting their day in a beautiful, reflective, tranquil way.

a big theme of staying tranquil is encouraging us all to continue removing negativity from our lives. thus, i rejected our anonymous, not-so-positive poster. feel free to share your opinions in a thoughtful way anytime - they are welcomed!

the focus of the month at tranquil space has been on satya (truthfulness). yes, we must all continue to be authentic and true to who we are via our thoughts, words, and actions. however, ahimsa (non-harming) always takes precedent over satya. a good yogic guideline to remember when wondering how best to express ourselves.

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Lisa said...

Kimberly, kudos to you for making and keeping your blog about positive helpful energy.

I'll bet "Anonymous" is glad you didn't post her comment if it was unkind in any way. Things push our buttons and we react - it's called being human! Then we get some rest or a good meal or whatever it is we needed, and we think, uh-oh, did I really say/do/believe that?!

I was one of the folks who posted my morning ritual, and there is NO WAY I would do it if I had to be up before a baby or toddler. But some people might - Sylvia Plath wrote in the pre-child hours of the morning. (Of course maybe if she hadn't been so sleep deprived ... hmmm) and I have a neighbor who gets up before her 3 kids to journal.

When I read about something I admire and would like to incorporate but can't, sometimes I can find a way to incorporate it in a modified Lisaesque manner. 3 minutes of meditation must be better than 0, that sort of thing.

Looking to find serenity in every little corner like every one else!

Zenmotion said...

Hello Kimberly,

Thank you for reminding us that ahimsa takes precedent over satya.

Great concept! Love it!

Pink Heels said...

Constructive criticism can be a great resource when provided from a kind place.

Although I do not know the context of the comment or the details, I can understand how someone could react negatively. We all strive to have balance and want to belong to a community of women that embrace this way of life. However, the realities of life can get in the way. I suspect that the comment was related to personal frustration and not truly directed at others even though it was expressed that way.

To whomever left the negative comment, I would recommend starting with small steps towards carving out time for a morning ritual. Take five minutes in the morning to do cat and cow pose while in bed before getting out. A morning ritual does not have to be grand or elaborate. The beauty of the ritua is that it can be whatever you want it to be since it is for YOU!!!

Lynne from NY said...

Way to go Kimberly! Do not take it personally and do not take it at all!

There was a fashion/beauty forum I used to participate in. I loved learning new things and felt so good sharing my knowledge. Quite often, there would be nasty posters but I ignored them. One day, for no reason, someone who hid behind the anonymity of a fake screen name decided to make me their target. It only happened once and I didn't respond and I never went back. If you can control and eliminate negativity in your life, do so!

I'm so glad I found your blog, I click on it and know it will be a happy, positive experience. Look forward to hearing more about morning rituals.

As a twist on the topic, I'll share my evening ritual....long walk with faithful canine, baking cookies to surprise someone tomorrow, warm shower with lavender gel/lotion, a cup of yummy yogi tea and reading a good book. Night all!

Anonymous said...

Way to go for not only taking action, but speaking about it! It would have been easy to just delete and ignore... But I love that you shared the story and your reasons!

Diana said...

Thank you for taking the time to put those great links in your blog posts. They are so informative and I just love them.
You always bring things back to yoga and the way we should be thinking about things - such inspiration.
Have a great time on your journey, learn lots and continue to be positive!
Loving my new tranquilit pieces - thank you for the great sale.
Namaste ~

Melaniew said...

I too probably think the negative poster probably just couldnt get their arms around having any type of morning ritual when there is a young child in the mix. Their days of having the luxury of time is probably long gone. But I do wish them peace.