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Sunday, July 27, 2008

weekend in pictures

here are a few fun photos to sum up my days on the west coast: moi and beau at st. francis winery, lovely ladies from today's workshop diligently working on their collages, moi after the dharma mittra workshop before downing a yummy cupcake, and moi and BFF at st. francis winery.

it's been a delightful weekend full of meeting new friends, connecting with old friends, working, learning, sipping vino, reflecting, eating yummy food, and doing yoga. i fly back to dc tomorrow and look forward to hitting the ground running on new projects - ESPECIALLY MY MARCH 15 BOOK DEADLINE. woo - hoo! gotta get to writing and create a writing schedule now!

speaking of managing my time, i wanted to share an interesting article on time management which i thought was helpful - reminding moi to get honest on how i'm spending my time to ensure the best utilization of it. i'm sure you, too, can relate as a busy girl-on-the-go so i hope it is a helpful resource!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I just left your workshop a few hours ago and already I see on your blog a picture of me and the all the other hip chicks that we shared the afternoon with at the Yoga Tree. You are amazing! Thank you again. Thank you especially for the poem. Hopefully the inspiration I gained today will really kick start b-sage, my line of eco-friendly handbags and accessories. Stay tuned, I'll keep you posted. Travel safe. Namaste.

Lynne from NY said...

Very excited to hear about your book deal....can you tell us more about it? HTC 2 or something entirely different?

Nice pictures! You should come up to the Finger Lakes region of New York, we have some terrific wineries!

Anonymous said...

How do you manage your time? You do so many fun things how do you do it? When you say you schedule time for writing where you are so busy! Thanks for all you share. xo

Blog said...

You're so cute, Kimberly! :)Thanks for sharing! Looks like tons of fun was had!