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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

TranquiliT showroom?

during my sojourn in california i decided it was time to move TranquiliT into its own home - it deserves it. i found a darling place nearby (see photo) and am finalizing logistics now. i'm hopeful it happens as i look forward to launching this baby into its own. will keep you posted as my fingers are crossed and i'm excited about possibility.

in the interim, life has been a bit of a zoo since my return. although i'm able to stay in touch and on top of things fairly well while away (due to the beauty of wireless internet), there are usually more balls in the air despite best laid plans upon return. details, details, details. there is a great quote by thoreau where he talks about life being frittered away by details, and he encourages us to simplify. hmmm, good concept. simplify! seems like life becomes more and more complicated: 5 business checking accounts to manage, personal bank account, taxes, insurance, leases, cancellation policies, signs, newsletters, reviews, systems updating, schedules, bills, rent, mortgage, health care, generate and implement new ideas, team management, home care, pet care, etc. i'm sure you can all relate! whoa - we deal with a ton every day. i think there may be something to the whole simplify concept.

in the meantime, i may be making my life a bit more complicated with a showroom for TranquiliT (more to manage and larger expenses) while also opening up the pink palace for a real dining area which would simplify (i can entertain again, dine at my kitchen table, and peer out the windows covered by inventory). it's all about balance! yet another great concept.

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Unknown said...

I so understand. For years our business office was in our home. When we reached 10 salons, I said, "this must go to an office space so we can have our home life back". We found a small local place for $500 per month. It changed our lives and our business grew to 25 salons and over 200 stylists. We needed the growing space for the business to take off (and for a family dinners!). Sounds like you are ready for the growth. One way to simplify is outsource the management. Best wishes!

Blog said...

Beautiful space! So...erm...tranquil!

And, ahh, simplicity! It is EVERYTHING. It's just SO MUCH WORK to simplify.... Like, ongoing. Which makes it quite complicated.

Complicated simplicity. Yoga? Union of opposites.... Hmmmm....

I'll be alright.... ;)

Pink Heels said...

Everytime I add more space for Pink Heels, I fill it up and find that I need more space within a month. It is a never ending cycle! If only owning a business could be as simple as putting up a shingle and opening the door! But no, I need to clutter it with pink stuff! LOL