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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

sultry summer sadhana teleclass

last night's teleclass was a total treat. we had HTCs from the east and west coast plus australia and iraq! a truly delightful group and one who even set her alarm to get up at 4am (iraq time) to listen in.

one of our lovely participants passed along her 8 petals from the call and i just had to share. so colorful, so creative, and so fun!

if you were registered, an mp3 of the call is coming your way in the next day or so. mark your calendars: our next teleclass is september 15 and registration for it will start shortly.

here's a brief summary of the 8 sultry summer sadhana (spiritual practice) petals:

1. yamas
2. niyamas
3. create
4. meditate
5. go green
6. live by example
7. be a do-gooder
8. be in the know

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Anonymous said...

i just want to say how much i enjoyed the teleclass this morning (well morning for me, lol). Good news for me is that i "should" be back stateside in time for the next teleclass.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the next one - these are just so wonderful - thank you for keeping the price so affordable to join in!
Oh, and if only I lived in D.C. to apply for the most fabulous job recently are right it is a great opportunity! Good luck on finding someone worthy!

Shayla Taylor said...

I love it...this spritual practice definitely allows you to mentally breakdown what is important and look at life more clearly. I love the soft colors of the petals as well...