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Saturday, July 12, 2008

i heart fancy nancy

sure this is written for young girls but i am in love with fancy nancy. i came across the latest in the fancy nancy series during a recent sojourn at tarjay and couldn't help but feel a strong connection to this little wonder. she loves boas, tiaras, accessories, parfaits, parasols and prefers to use the "fancy" versions of words - often with a french theme. hmmm, is it wrong to find a piece of yourself in a children's book? oh, and if you haven't picked one up, know that they are highly illustrated with tons o' sparkles. what more could a girl want? age 3 or 35!

here's a fun fancy nancy kit to make your sunday complete. my assistant and i are off to shoot photos of the fall TranquiliT collection! look forward to sharing and hope it, too, is tres fancy. au revoir!

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April said...
Threadbanger (a DIY video podcast) has an episode about making flip flops from old yoga mats.

Anonymous said...

Love these books! I buy them more for myself than my 5 year old niece(who is a bit of a Fancy Nancy herself) although she does absolutely love them!

Pink Heels said...

When I first read this post I feared that you had jumped off into the looney bin but I will never doubt again. As I was in Borders today, I stumbled upon this book and it TOTALLY ROCKS!!! I then proceeded to buy it for myself. LOL