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Friday, July 25, 2008

happy weekend!

it's bright and early here in sonoma (ok 8am but that feels bright and early to moi) and i wanted to wish everyone a lovely weekend. attached are two fun photos - one from doga last saturday that i just received from a participant and one from a fellow HTC sharing her fabulous collage. i *heart* receiving images of your collages and appreciate you allowing me to share them. your work is inspiring!

yesterday's session here was powerful. really, really good stuff where the main objective was focusing on results. for example, when the facilitator introduced her graphic designer, she said "X ensures that our presentations are visually appealing." it was a great way to focus on what we want from the tasks, rather than the tasks at hand. i found that to be tres insightful! we went through all the roles in our organizations and were to note the results we wanted from the roles, not the tasks that role does.

another BIG focus they have us do is to focus on what we want to create, not what we have now as a business because that can deter us into the "fixing mode" which is where i feel like i live my life. always trying to fix any breakdowns by adding it to my to-do list. we were supposed to write our 1-page strategic objective which is what our business will look like when it is complete. a detailed picture of the future - what the business (or your life) will look, act like, smell like (oodles of lavender), taste, feel like, and how it will perform when fully developed. this exercise is to provide a sense of direction and goals for the future, movivation for moi and the team - a dream to strive for, and a basis for decision making, planning, and biz development activities. last night they took us to a yummy winery for dinner - st. francis - so i wasn't able to complete it before crashing. still getting used to the time change.

here's a great summary of the e-myth that i found online. a you probably know, this is my most recommended biz book out there and you have probably heard me rave about this book. my favorite piece is that it emphasizes the experience of your business. i think this translates to the experience of your life, too, for those of you who don't have a business.

i look forward to more fun reflection (svadyaya) today on how to improve, grow, and dream. i encourage you, too, to draft a strategic objective. it may be for a biz you currently have, a biz you want to have, or the life you want to have!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this! Such great information and our links always offer the best information. You are inspiring!
Any chance that you might be able to do a podcast with Caitlin Friedman and Kimberly Yorio, authors of the great Girl's Guide books? I love their books, they are chock-full of great career/professional advice.
Enjoy your trip and so many congrats to you on your second book, looking forward to buying it and hoping to get you sign it someday!

Blog said...

Just wanted to comment here on an old podcast -- i *think* it was the excellent pilates one. I laughed my ARSE off at Louis snoring LOUDLY in the background. I made my husband listen. I was, literally, HYSTERICAL laughing. Thanks for that! And, thank Louis for me!!!

Love the pics! LOVE "Doga"! Totally love Louis!!! ;)