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Monday, July 21, 2008

creativity here i come

i leave for san francisco at 7am on wednesday morning. yikes! that means a 4ish alarm clock! off to take a 2-day workshop based around my fave business book, the e-myth, which teaches that if you create a business that can't function without you, you only have a job - not a business. huge concept for entrepreneurs! my BFF and beau will be there, too. looking forward to some in-depth learning. we received 19 pages of materials to read and complete before our session.

next i teach a 3-hour workshop on yoga + creativity at yoga tree on sunday. if you're a west coaster, please come out. would love to meet you!

we return late monday night. super-excited to see a few west coast friends starting with lunch on wednesday at cafe gratitude with one of my fave friends from my jiva training last year. read their latest book called sacred commerce and loved it!

i find that getting away for a few days can have a powerful effect on regrouping and exploring creativity - especially when attending a 2-day workshop that encourages reflection on big questions such as crafting a vision for business and life and escaping "busy" work to focus on strategic work. all sounds like great stuff to moi! promise to share the scoop! ;)

attached is yet another fabulous collage sent to me from a fellow HTC. i love seeing your creative work and thank you for passing it along!

just found this great mention of TranquiliT in the everything yoga blog. check it out!

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Anonymous said...

I love hearing about all the different things you do all the time. You are SO inspiring.... thank you!