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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

the beauty of friendship

after a fun-filled photoshoot for my weekly column in the examiner, two dear friends came by the studio to get me for lunch. one was in from miami and the other lives nearby but i don't see him nearly enough. we all met at sportsclub LA when i taught there after they opened in 2000. we've been fast friends ever since even though life has changed so much with all of us. it's a treat to have history with two delightful beings, especially since i'm a transplant from my native land (oklahoma).

last night i was blessed with a yummy birthday dinner by a former sorority sister. oddly enough we reconnected when i ran into her on the street a few years ago. she was always one of my favorites. i was a freshman and she was a senior. you know, the cool senior. wore a black leather jacket, was always laughing, and didn't take the delta delta delta days too seriously. it's been fun to reconnect away from the university of oklahoma and share our life paths.

taking time to nurture friendships is never something i feel like i have enough time to do properly but i am feeling very blessed thanks to these interactions over the past 24 hours. i hope you, too, will take a moment to reach out to someone who you are grateful for. maybe even dedicate your yoga practice to them. it is a lovely way to honor someone else. namaste.

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