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Sunday, July 06, 2008

another artist date

at yesterday's 4-hour tranquil space foundation mid-year planning meeting, the lovely ladies surprised with heaps of cupcakes for my birthday. what an incredibly thoughtful gesture. our group of volunteers are amazing and i always love spending time with them. working together to spread yoga, creativity, and leadership is a true treat.

here is a photo of bonnard, my chubby kitty, partaking in some of the cupcake icing. he and i have similar passions when it comes to sweets. after a cupcake-induced nap, i did some closet and desk organizing - almost as fun as noshing on cupcakes!

this morning i headed out to a bead show as my supplies are quite low and it was time to replenish them. i took a photo of my loot: smoky quartz, crystal and pearl pendants, red coral, turquoise, onyx, rose quartz, and wire to string it all together. this was a fun artist date as i love the prep work for creating. watch for new tranquilista gems coming soon. off to teach a free yoga class at meridian hill park, then some QT time with beau. oh, and a new podcast coming your way. best wishes for a lovely, creative conclusion to your holiday weekend!

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