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Monday, June 23, 2008

got some sun

um, thought i lathered myself in sunblock. apparently i missed some key places like shins, hands, and armpits. oh well, the lobster look will fade. it was a total treat to sit on the beach and read for 1.5 hours today. listening to the waves roll in, reading a fabulous leadership book (dork!), and watching what i thought to be sharks swim by (beau believed the fins to be connected with dolphins instead) while basking in the sun was a total treat. last summer i hadn't had any beach time so beau, pug, and moi drove out to the beach for a quick 24-hour beach journey as it's sad to have a summer pass without dipping toes in the water. i'm happy to have launched summer (happy belated summer solstice BTW) with some toe-dipping in the ocean.

about to board the plane and return to my day-to-day in dc. excited to see familiar faces, especially the lovely louis the pug.

this is my last week as a 34-year-old. next monday launches my journey into 35hood! is 35 the new 25? i'm hoping so.

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Anonymous said...

And what is this fabulous leadership book? Do tell!

kimberly wilson said...

ahh, i was finishing the book from saturday's podcast: the big five for life - leadership's greatest secret. highly recommend it!

Blog said...

Ohhh! How DIVINE! I wish I could dip toes in the ocean right now. And, since they say 40's the new 20, you're still WAY YOUNG! (me too, I'll be 34 in September.... :))

I'm reading Quantum Wellness by Cathy Freston and loving it. You've probably read it already? I've only read the first to chapters (just today) and feel totally inspired.