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Sunday, June 01, 2008

chicago closure

it's often sad for me to bring closure to things. sometimes i don't look back (like moving from p street to 17th street) and other times i feel an odd sense of loss (like leaving this conference). it's not because this conference was more sentimental than the five years tranquil space was housed on p street, it's just that some experiences strike a chord. for example, over the past few days i relished in every moment i could - dinners with friends (old & new), a FABULOUS flick (yep, you know the one), great yoga, great yoga information, donned many peeps in fun TranquiliT clothing, had yummy alone time (i'm a recluse at heart), and good reflection space. i think it's sad, too, because most people are gone and i'm waiting on my pick-up for an 8:30 flight. it's crazy to think that this is my 4th year at this conference. i always enjoy myself and learn a ton.

during a yin yoga session today, i wrote the following in my journal:
i want to make sure to make some personal changes and to ensure that i'm using my time/energy wisely, living flairfully (why not don long faux pearls to bed as SJP did in sex?), growing my work, and finding balance.
ahh, reflection space. it does a body and soul good! it's about time to do some mid-year planning and i'm looking forward to doing some 6-mo goal setting. this always help me ensure my day-to-day is contributing to my larger dreams. it's amazing how quickly hours, days, weeks, years can pass and it's easy to lose sight of what's pulling at our heart.

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Amanda said...

I'm a recluse at heart, too - as much as I need other people to energize me, when I have too many days full of meetings or needing to be "on," it makes me cranky and I don't feel like myself. I luxuriate in alone time!

PS Don't sleep in pearls, you'll choke! (Romanticism versus pragmatism...!)

Anonymous said...

What a great reminder to look at and evaluate our yearly goals.
At work we are always talking about goals; large and small. It is a great idea to translate into your personal life too - what are we all living toward? What do we want to accomplish or better said, be remembered for?
Thanks Kimberly!