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Monday, May 05, 2008

may muse

if nothing ever changed, there'd by no butterflies ~ author unknown

while leading a retreat in costa rica last summer, we went to a popular butterfly garden and for the first time i saw a caterpiller emerge from its cocoon into a wet, wobbly butterfly. its next phase was to dry out its wings so it could fly. a truly remarkable sight.

since 1999 when tranquil space began, i have felt like a caterpiller on numerous occasions, struggling to dry my wings and fly. as we embark on this exciting new journey, i return to the image of the wet, wobbly butterfly. change is always scary, sexy, risky, and a constant state despite continual resistance to it.

in buddhism, the concept of impermanence is a gentle reminder that so much of suffering is brought on by resisting change. nothing is our lives is unchanging – our thoughts, emotions, work, relationships. so why the struggle and grasping for continual control? why do we stay in the cocoon?

as tranquil space embarks on its next phase in our newly constructed home on 17th street, i am watching with anticipation as our team and yoga community adjusts to all the changes. some sexy, some scary, and some risky – all a part of the continual flow of life. in college i read that we regret more the things we don’t do than the things we do do. that statement serves as a gentle reminder every time i question emerging from a comfortable cocoon.

it is with extreme gratitude that i write this muse and i partake in this upcoming change. i thank you for supporting the mission of tranquil space during our many manifestions. may our new phase offer room for us all to spread our wings and fly. i look forward to celebrating with you at our grand opening soiree on may 17.

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Anonymous said...

I so needed this tonight...I am trying to cling on to what is "safe" because I have some huge changes coming my way. While reading this I got chills. It resonated through my whole body. If I resist the change, I know I will suffer. Instead, I will be positive and embrace the change. I will look to the future with excitement and possibility.

Wonderful, lovely, warm wishes and joy to you as you spread your wings and fly in this new exciting portion of your life! I am so glad to follow along in your journey!


Anonymous said...

You're an inspiration to all wobby butterlies out there.

Congratulations Kimberly (and Tranquil Space)!

Anonymous said...

Can I quote you? I am so going to quote you in a piece I am writing for my own blog next week. A friend said nearly identical things about resisting and change not long ago that was clarifying for me.

Thank you for this reminder.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written and I love the way you weave together the experience of new beginnings as not just scary and risky but also sexy. May everyone in you tranquil space be happy, healthy, safe and live in peace.