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Sunday, May 18, 2008

intentions for the week

as i sit at my dining room table/home office with piles of paperwork, my planner pad, smartwater, and thank yous to write nearby, i'm struggling with the importance of setting an intention for how this week will unfold. beau, pug, and moi leave for a few days with BFF and her beau in a cabin in WV. we'll be gone five days and are all in need of some serious r and r. i plan to nap, read, and write in my journal as much as possible. going at full speed the past 9 years (when tranquil space began) plus a serious ramp-up over the past month (with the move), i'm so in need of some veg time. it will be hard to disconnect but beau tells me there is no wireless internet (gasp!) in the cabin. but he promises me a river in the back - well, that's something but what about my e-mail!

my home is a complete mess due to lack of care lately. dishes piled up, laundry that needs to be put away, feline and canine hair is everywhere, and there are numerous boxes filled with random items from the move. however, i still have my fresh orchids strewn about in vases, lilac candles and incense burning, and an abundance of fresh fruit to nourish my insides. sometimes we just can't get to the basics (like a pet fur-free home) but we have to add the flourishes where we can.

i broke up with my looseleaf planner pad and bought a new spiral one starting in july. so a fun project for the cabin will be transporting over all the data for the last 6 months of the year and getting reorganized with my new, fresh planner. i found the looseleaf one in a notebook too cumbersome so i took it out and was carrying it naked with a spiral ring in the top hook. all the pages kept tearing off so i looked like a menace trying to find the right day among random torn pages. not pretty.

as i gear up for the week, i look forward to regrouping on some projects, awaiting word from my former publisher on an updated proposal, gearing up for some serious napping, and reconnecting to my core. during time away i often plan tons of projects and stay busy going through magazines, creating collages, or making jewelry, this time i hope to force myself to do some letting go of doing and to practice being. i love reminding students of this during yoga class but i have a hard time embodying it. think i'm hard wired to be in overdrive. this week i intend to be in overdrive until i hit the cabin on thursday, then i plan to downshift tremendously and watch what comes up.

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Globetrotting Cacti said...

Enjoy counting down the days until your break and I hope you get the time to catch up with your-self. I can so relate (not that I have just openned a new yoga studio!). In hospital Friday, underwent surgery, back at work today, a billion projects on the go (why did I choose to start decorating right now?). 8 more days until our holiday and I have promised my hubbie not to check my e-mails while away (may sneak out a couple of times - naughty!). You will catch up on things.... just takes a while....

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy reading your blog so much, Kimberly, and I have learned so many things from you over the years. I often have trouble letting go and taking time to sit back and smell the roses, but I find that when I do, life is so much more brilliant. I hope you take your time in the country to indulge in some of your favorite relaxing activities and let yourself wind down a few notches!

Valerie said...

Hi Kimberly - congratulations again on the new studio and do enjoy your time off. It's in a big way thanks to you and Tranquilspace that I can sometimes just sit on my daybed with pillows and blankets (or out in some green space, minus the pillows LOL) and relax with a journal to catch my thoughts. It's a truly lovely feeling, but so hard to get to (and often punctuated with thoughts of -- my apartment is a mess and the urge to get up and make it better). All best, Valerie PS I LOVE my 2 in 1 tanks. THey have become a weekend staple.

Anonymous said...

I am a lapsed Covey Planner user. Now going through a transition on the job, I recognize a need to set new goals and work steadily toward accomplishment.

After listening to one of your podcasts on time management, I decided to try the Planner Pad method. And, am I glad I did (love the spiral-bound version ... so portable.)!

Hope you find your new format easier to live with. Have your tricked it out yet with the inside-the-cover pockets? I'm still looking for some fabulous contact paper for a new cover :)