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Saturday, May 31, 2008

a few hours out & about

fresh home from seeing the lovely sex & the city movie. it's a must-see. thought provoking - you'll laugh and cry, gawk at the fashion, relate to their trials, and relish in the return of this lovely foursome.

here's the photo of moi and the lovely helena zera before we were whisked away to the opening night of this fabulous chick flick. i was literally giddy all day. a few hours out and about do a soul good!

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Blog said...

Ohhhh! I so want to see it! Maybe today, if I can get someone to watch the kids!

The Depressed Yogi said...

You're so pretty

i'm glad you loved it, too!! i plan to see it about 300 more times. ;-)

L. Kuah said...

i looooooved SATC the movie as well, and want to see it again. Makes me realize the importance of having a group of girl friends nearby for moral support through the ups and downs of life... and of course, to take a risk to truly live on the edge.