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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

we're opening on friday!

i got a call from our contractor this morning that we had passed our final inspection. woo-hoo. i can't believe how smooth this process has been considering what we had to work with. it looks like we're set to open on friday.

tonight is our final class on p street, followed by a farewell to p street tea from 8-9 (all invited and i'll have homebaked cookies), and a late night of packing. the next few days will be one big blur but i hope to share photos and stories if space permits. thank you for all your well wishes. it's exciting to see something come to fruition that started in february 2007!

attached is our new 17th street schedule. it's really purple but transferred to this funky shade in the upload. come see us!

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Anonymous said...

Yay, Kimberly! Congrats to all who made P Street great ... it was a wonderful home. Looking forward to 17th Street next weekend. ;-)

Anonymous said...

kimberly: i was at the second to last class at P Street last night (since yours filled up before the blink of an eye) and was sad to leave the studio that helped me fall in love with the practice of yoga. thanks for making P street a memorable place. best of luck during this time of transition and moving... and i look forward to the amazing new place to come on 17th street!

T-love said...

GOOD LUCK ON YOUR MOVE!! I wish you a smooth transition and I hope you make lots of new, wonderful and fun memories in your new studio.

Peace and love....

April said...

Kimberly, Good luck with the move!! I know a lot of hard work went into making this move successful and from the videos posted it looks really great. I'm hoping a trip to DC will be in my future.

On a completely random aside:

A while back, one of your blog readers (and maybe loyal podcast listener) asked about making the transition from meat-eater to vegetarian, vegetarian to vegan. If I may make a suggestion to anybody interested in making the switch? Start buying alternative meat products and putting those where you'd use meat. My daughter's a meat eater (she wants to be a vegetarian, but HATES vegetables) and I'm a vegetarian, so to help her make some adjustments and to avoid purchasing lots of needless food, I do lots of substitutions. From there, get a couple of cookbooks and make one or two meals a week from them. We've found some things both of us don't like, some things she likes and I don't, some things we both like. Cut the recipe in half if you're unsure of what the outcome will be, that way you aren't left with a ton of food that nobody will eat. Keep old standards on hand if something goes terribly awry and you're left with out a dinner. Morning Star Farms seems to be pretty widely available (maybe because of where I live?) and has a really good product line that seems to be expanding.

It can be a bit daunting when your looking at a block of plain tofu wondering how that will ever resemble anything tasty. And there are plenty of times when I've made things thinking my daughter won't ever want to touch food again and ended up being completely surprised.