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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

blazing fire beckons

got back from 8 hours of training and decided not to leave the room to return to our evening session on leadership for a mulicultural age. despite the 80 degree weather the past two days, today brought a gorgeous snowstorm and the unused fireplace in our room was beckoning me. as great as tonight's workshops sounds, i'm in need of some spaciousness and an early evening to bed. last night after our evening workshop, BFF and i dashed over to a yoga studio at 9pm to get more yoga in, then back to our rooms to handle the day's e-mails.

one big thing i'm recognizing throughout this training is the need for more spaciousness in my life - less back-to-back meetings, less planned days (although i'm a cancer and crave structure - don't have to be booked until 10pm), more being in the moment when i'm with others. a consistent theme that i see emerging is a need to retreat, crawl back into bed, and savor the simple joys of life. once i return to dc, life heads back into full swing with the transition to our new studio home and getting settled. that's my next month in a nut shell - oh, and finalizing the fall TranquiliT designs. fun, fun!

as i gear up for this exciting transition, i know that i have to conserve my energy. as a strong-willed introvert carving out space such as tonight is critical to my survival. yesterday's meditation teacher mentioned how in today's fast pace we treat our bodies like machines and i totally related. Q: how to treat it like the sacred shell it is and listen to its longings - for healthy food (AND cupcakes), for deep sleep (complete with lavender-scented eyepillows and earplugs), for naps, for legs up the wall, for yoga, for a run, for some deep twisting? A: by paying attention to your deep desire to crawl into bed and savor the warmth of a blazing fire while the snow pours down outside. listen.

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Anonymous said...

My sister and I were discussing this last night! Our culture is training us to be on the run from sun up to sun down and if you can find time for yourself, your children and your spouse it is a miracle! We have been taught that all you need is a little 'quality' time even if it is only 10 minutes. No way! I won't do it anymore - my work life dictates my every minute for at least 8, if not more, hours a day. I can no longer stand this break-neck speed that everything is to be accomplished in! I am going to figure out how to bring tranquility to my work life, work space, co-workers and my directs. We are rushing through our lives never getting to fully experience anything. We also feel the need to always be signing up for 'self improvement' workshops and other things that will make me better and more productive. While that is great, we need to evaluate, is that what I need right now? Something else 'to do'?
Thanks Kimberly, you drove it home for me!
Enjoy the fireplace and quiet time!!

Anonymous said...

Kimberly, this is a great. When you get back to DC we must go to Georgetown Cupcake one Saturday morning. It might be a line, but it's worth the wait.

Ananda said...

sounds like you are having an amazing time filled with insights. i affirm your intentions to honor and care for yourself. and hey i feel you totally on crawling back into bed and being present with folks. all the best. ananda