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Friday, April 04, 2008

bed day is coming . . .

been knocking to-dos off since i got home at 9 and can't wait to hop into bed for the next day. hope to hop out for a quick yin class tomorrow but otherwise, don't want to move. i'm super-excited about this excursion into relaxation. the body demands a recharge and nothing does it for me like bed. truly one of my favorite places to be - especially if i have my beau, pug, laptop, a good book, and some yummy tea.

i wanted to share the print piece of my usnews & world report interview that is in this week's edition: mindfulness meets money.
check it out on the newstands, it has the pope on the cover.

if you're a tranquil space yogi and have any insights to share on how we can spread more tranquility, please complete this online survey, s'il vous plait!

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The Depressed Yogi said...

be honest Kimberly.. you totallly wrote this for me huh? ;-)

kimberly wilson said...

um, you may have come to mind! ;) congrats on the new puppy! xoxo

Pink Heels said...

Congratulations Beautiful! Keep up the great work and enjoy your official bed day!

Ananda said...

congrats. may you rest in peace and tranquility.