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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

march's tranquil space muse

for he who has no tranquility there is no concentration. - bhagavad gita

after calling the studio “yoga at kimberly’s” during our humble beginnings, i began to crave a name that evoked more of an experience. while exploring options with a group of girls, i came upon “tranquil space” in 2000 and have loved taking the concept of tranquility into all we offer. tranquil space has been created to serve as a respite, a haven for busy beings craving some peace and nurturing within their fast-paced lives.

when we moved into our arlington studio last fall, i received a lot of feedback on how much everyone loved the color scheme – golds and rich earth tones. hmmmm, guess the pink, mint green, and purple walls have worn their welcome? my beau says it feels like “welcome to my sorority dorm room.” well, i did win the tri-delta room decorating contest my senior year! however, i hoped i’d moved on from that era.

as we plan the décor and vibe for our new tranquil space on 17th street, i’m describing the look as “zen princess.” sure no one has any idea what i’m talking about – i like mystery – but i’m hopeful that blending zen motif with chandeliers and our colorful accents (not full walls, but accents!) will somehow come together in a streamlined style that exudes tranquility.

tranquility is a way of life. as a girl constantly on-the-go i’m always seeking a dose of it. lately i’ve found tranquility in daily cupcakes, soy chai lattes, and meditation. where do you find it? how can you get more of it?

spring is upon us – thank goodness – and this is always a fun time to reflect on blooming. as tranquil space gears up to bloom into a new home, we’re doing a lot of spring cleaning by sorting files, tossing former must-haves that have passed their prime, and organizing what lies behind the closet curtains. to embody tranquility, explore what lies hidden, and needs to be tossed or sorted. embrace february’s theme of loving kindness and practice it toward yourself. get ready to bloom. replace old habits with new tranquility-inducing habits. surround yourself with more tranquility-filled friends. read more tranquility-producing texts. volunteer, savor a cupcake, sit for 5 minutes a day, write in your journal, sip green tea, get your yoga on – find tranquility!

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Pink Heels said...

I swear there are days when we think in tandum! It is a little freaky so stop it! LOL

I have been adding more green accents and zen objects to compliment the PINK! Pink is not my favorite color so it can be a little daunting to be surrounded by it all day! LOL

However, there are soooo many people who stop by and rave about the pink decor. I am torn between allowing my personal style to emerge verses what my customers love. It is really tough!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the podcast and love the videos of the new Tranquil Space! The last one is great - very funny!
Great camera work!
I am going to have to figure out how to get to D.C. for a conference and experience it in person.

Anonymous said...

i wish i could say the same about spring being in montreal...

loved the bit about the colours -- its' fun to see what different people like! me, if i opened a yoga studio, it would be in yellows, oranges, pinks -- sunset colours! with deep purple accents, like cushions. (yes, i do dream about these things!)