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Friday, March 07, 2008

corporate team retreat

today was a very special day surrounded by numerous amazing souls. one of my dearest friends asked me to facilitate a team retreat for his law firm group. what a delightful bunch of people! we began by setting intentions, did some yoga, dined on yummy vegetarian food from teaism, reflected on our wheel of life (see hip tranquil chick for instructions on this), created 3 personal action steps for improving an area that scored low on the wheel of life, drafted a mission statement for the team, set individual group goals, shared them with the team, did some yin yoga and meditation, and then got some tranquility-filled gifts! a lovely 5 hours.

last night i had a nightmare that i showed up 1 hour late to this retreat and everything happened in slow motion - picking out what to wear, getting to the studio to lead it, etc. it was like those "showing up to take a final exam and you've never been to class" kind of dreams. luckily, this was not reality. i got there early to set the stage and loved greeting the amazing guests - many who were doing yoga for the first time!

gonna spend the rest of the evening chilling in front of the fire, watching documentaries, reading, and cuddling with beau and pug. a delightful day indeed!

come out for a special making herstory book signing THIS sunday in baltimore! i'm honored to be a part of it.

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Wellness Journey said...

Kimberly you are amazing. I love the details you give on your blog! It helps me dream and makes me feel like I was there. Thanks for all you do! xo