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Sunday, February 03, 2008

tranquil space february muse

this muse went out in february's newsletter and i wanted to share:

what you do speaks so loud, i can’t hear what you say – emerson

bonjour from boulder, colorado. i’m here taking a course at naropa university on authentic leadership. i love that we start each day with 30 minutes of meditation. what a perfect way to set the tone for all the information that follows! i’ve learned about conscious conversations, personal responsibility, ensuring values are in line with actions, and how fun it is to dance. tonight’s session ended with us moving to salsa tunes. now, that’s fun leadership!

our journey into a new home continues to be an exciting part of my world at this moment. with intense aspiration to personalize it and make the space super-special, my contractor now has me shaking hands on decisions such as how many chandeliers he’ll allow. I like sparkles! my desire to have speakers and chandeliers in the bathrooms, an herb garden out back, a loft space for the team, and indecisiveness on where the ice-maker should go is killing him. god bless his patient soul!

we’ve located flooring for the spa and top sky-lit studio from a barn in virginia. our contractor is big on reusing rather than tossing materials to buy brand new green ones. the tea bar benches are set up on used tree grates found on craig’s list. reuse, reuse, reuse. the new windows were put on last weekend so now the workers aren’t co-existing with the pigeons and we’re sure to be more energy efficient. the dry wall is about to go up, bathrooms and showers are getting installed, and soon i’ll start sewing some curtains and throw pillows. love the details!

we hope to have our new home ready to welcome you mid-spring. i’m already planning the open house soiree complete with yoga demos, tea tastings, and an eco-fashion show. i’m delighted to take tranquil space to this new level and welcome your input as we’re creating its destiny and your new yoga home. we plan to offer 50 fabulous yoga classes – including a few more specialties, diy classes for you crafty ones, oodles of spa treatments, tasty fair trade tea, and an eco-fabulous boutique featuring TranquiliT. please let me know if you have any special requests. the joy i’ve received over the (almost) nine years of tranquil space is immeasurable – so immense, so full! thank you for your continued support of all things tranquil.

tranquilly yours,
kimberly wilson

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