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Monday, February 18, 2008

musings from asheville cafe

7 hours of teaching this weekend! it was a total treat to connect with these 2 yoga communities and asheville is just so darn fabulous. apparently it was named the happiest city in america. i can see that!

we're gearing up for our journey home and then head straight to a tranquil space foundation meeting. unfortunately, we don't have time to hit the smoky mountains and i'm so sad. i think i overestimated what we'd be able to do in our short time here. beau says we'll get to see them as we're driving off. a sloppy second - boo! i wanna go IN the park! ok, i'll stop whining. yesterday was rainy so we hung out at this cafe and got caught up on numerous things that were pending from our days of travel. now today is sunny and lovely. guess that makes for a good drive home. trying to see that glass as half full.

while finishing a book on the drive down friday night, i had an "a ha" moment. the book is called one person/multiple careers by marci alboher (podcast forthcoming - you'll love her) and it talked about the challenges of constantly going from one unrelated thing to the next. for example, a meeting to a phone call to book keeping to writing to handling e-mails to seeing a client. this tends to leave a "slash" (her term for someone who is juggling multiple careers) discombobulated. i TOTALLY relate to this and found the insight to be incredibly helpful in exploring my own use of a day. the person interviewed in the book decided to see all clients on particular days (his being "on" days) and to do his other "slash" on the remaining days. maximizing energy and bulking similar to-dos together is something that is moving to the top of my list.

a few thoughts on maximizing energy and efficiency:
1. put similar to-dos together
2. check e-mail in bulk periods (noon, 4pm, 10pm) rather than continually throughout the day
3. meditate for 5 minutes daily
4. designate "on" (teaching/seeing clients) days and "off" (book keeping/admin work) days
5. look over what's on your calender and make sure it excites you. if not, reschedule or cancel it.

off to our drive sans smokies . . . at least i've got a hot cup of jasmine tea to ease the pain!

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Globetrotting Cacti said...

Sorry you missed the mountains - so frustrating when that is what you have been looking forward too. Your post spoke to me today (need to find that book). I have dashed from one meeting to another and my head is so jumbled now and I am unsure of where I am with anything!!! Need to work at the bulk e-mail checking too (missed new year resolution, maybe new March resolution). Just got an Ipod touch - setting up wifi e-mail - not sure that is going to help - whoops! I am also guilty of over scheduling too much into a time frame - I have a lot to work on. Have a safe trip back...