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Friday, January 25, 2008

happy friday!

wishing you a wonderful closing to your week. sorry for the silence, have been nursing evening headaches that send me to bed at midnight rather than my as-of-late 2am sprees. has cut into my get-things-done time post the day's meetings and events. another full day today, teach 2 workshops tomorrow, and an evening meeting (yep, 6pm on saturday!), sewing lesson on sunday and then i dash off to boulder for the week.

looking forward to the focus on the naropa program there. look forward to sharing insights as their presentation of leadership will have a buddhist twist which i'm very excited about! while dashing back from WV, we hit a bookstore where i found ANOTHER great book: business and the buddha - doing well by doing good by lloyd field. SO excited to dive into this one. must dash, have a 10am appointment and still have to get my face on. that's what my mother used to always say and i found the concept odd - her face was already on. means get moisturized, add touches of black eyeliner, mascara, and lipgloss! ciao.

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Butrfly Garden said...

:D I borrowed that phrase from my mom, too...and utterly confused my children.

Unknown said...

i've heard that before too! my mum never really said it regularly, but sometimes would in a joking way.

but this past week, oh, i get the phrase! i'm sick as anything and every time i look in the mirror i'm not sure WHAT is staring back at me, so i put on makeup to look like a normal human being and hope that if i don't look so bad, i won't feel so bad. so i guess i'm trying to put on a healthy face?

Anonymous said...

When I get headaches I sometimes have a cup of lemon balm tea. It also relaxes me enough to sleep. It really is an alley for women. It's easy to grow too. But, it can be bought in tea form. I would love to go to naropa. I had a therapist who received her masters there. And, I think yogi hala khouri did as well, although I may be mistaken about that. :)


Anonymous said...

...actually, that is,

Anonymous said...

I checked today and she didn't go to Naropa.
Plus, it should be ally, not alley. EEK! My apologies.