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Thursday, January 10, 2008

a glimpse into the new tea bar

here i am passing the new space on new year's eve and seeing the sign for the first time in the window. somehow it made it more real.

tea bar: ok, so it leaves A LOT to the imagination but here is the damask wallpaper that covers the plaster on brick. lovely touch if you can get past the pile of trash in the corner, missing walls, and bare ceiling. note my bike peeking out of the corner. i bike straight into the "boutique." a small bar serving up fair trade teas will go near to wall toward the back of the space. a bench made from old tree grates will line the walls to create a cozy setting for pre- or post-practice. ah, the joys of visualization. off to get some yummy zzzzzs. so needed. 'night.

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Sharon Tessandori said...

Many congrats to you Kimberly! What a big huge step for you and Tranquil Space?!

L. Kuah said...

congratulations for a dream come true, a new tranquil space with a wifi tea bar?! how cool is that. i can't wait to see the plans unraveled as you gear up for this spring's grand opening!!! :o) best of luck and thanks for showing us that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, and your heart in it.