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Saturday, January 12, 2008

can you stand it?

mama wilson (based in oklahoma) is working on these swanky new aromatherapy yoga mat bags for tranquil space's boutique and i've recently fallen in love with faux fur. sure we usually do polka dots, toile, and leopard print but i was craving something a bit more . . . creative. here is her photo of what she spent all day working on. i LOVE it. we're just doing a few: white, black, hot pink and i may need one of each. the other ones will have a black and white damask strap! god bless sewing machines and our ability to constantly create (or have crafty mama do it).

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Kristina Anderson said...

SOO cute!!

Pink Heels said...

Kimberly, Our moms need to get together! My mom just sent me her own version of hip yoga mat bags. I had no idea that she was creating this surprise for me but they are fabulous! Apparently, she notices that my Tranquil Space mat bag from a hundred years ago was looking a little ragged. Go Moms!