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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

art + yoga = therapy

today i had six hours of me time. woo-hoo! what a treat. my day started with an alarm clock (gasp!) at 8am. i had to make myself go to bed by 12:30 last night to ensure i got ample zzzzzs. off to an art and yoga workshop that felt incredibly self-indulgent. an opening circle, 2 hours of yoga, a packed lunch (beau packed me up with cheese + crackers, blackberries, carrots), 2 hours of decorating a blank cigar box, and a closing circle. i went crazy with mod podge and will pass along photos shortly. what fun!

after some early morning meetings (gotta use that alarm clock again), beau, pug, and i are heading to the hills for a few days to celebrate our 4-year anniversary. renting a cabin near berkeley springs, west virginia and i plan to take all my beading supplies, tons of good books, a design board to create for TranquiliT's spring and fall 2008 lines, and the trusty iBook as we have WIFI. i'll be recording a couple fun podcasts out there (an interview for daily om and one on leadership). hope to have some contemplative insights to share once getting some much-needed down time.

in the interim, pick up mod podge at your local art supply store, pull out some inspiring images, find something to cover (a blank frame, dish, box, or anything that begs for attention), and get your gluing on!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE modge podge! My next project is decoupaging some old plywood with antique sheet music so i can hang it on the wall above the piano! :)

I think I will also cover a match box with stuff. Saw this at someone's house lately. It was really neat...

Have fun in Berkley Springs, Kimberly! I spent a weekend at a B&B there several years ago and it was AWESOME.


Kristina Anderson said...

awww you are near my home martinsburg/shepherstown. (i am currently living in knoxville) i miss home so much, enjoy west virginia!