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Thursday, December 13, 2007

tres chic thursday


i always smile when i get a weekly update from the hip tranquil times newsletter that there are 15-20 new ladies who sign up for it. i'm SO honored that the message of tranquility + lip gloss + do gooding resonates with so many. now i don't feel so alone!

today is my first day to breath this week. with the exciting rebranding of TranquiliT, i've been busily getting the new look together, hosting the trunk show, and prepping all your yummy online orders to go out (with the help of my lovely assistant). please know that everything you receive had a TON of love going into it - from our fabric, to our seamstress in ohio, to the packing and shipping in DC. tomorrow i have a private sewing class on working with knits and i'm so excited. some personal creative time. soooo needed. a friend introduced me to this fabulous book that is sure to go on my holiday wish list and i thought you would just love: amy butler's book in stitches.

tonight beau, pug, and i are hosting an intimate dinner party for a few fabulous friends. i've taken the late afternoon off to try to transform my TranquiliT inventory-infused home with holiday festivities. beau cooks, i decorate. we're a good team! we have to pull garden patio furniture inside to have enough seating and table space for all. should be an interesting set up. will surely have some fun photos to share tomorrow.

last night we were up until 3am. 2am working and then the last hour was spent watching the everest documentary about this year's climb that is broken up into series. i love watching people defy such odds. it's humbling and empowering. and looks very cold!
i'm seeing my new-found favorite print, damask, EVERYWHERE. i love it. can't get enough of it. although it clashes a bit with my passion for leopard-print, it is SO decadent.

try this fun movement to stay tranquil. anything helps this time of the year, eh? if you want some restoration, come see me at our arlington studio on saturday from 2-4 for some yin and restorative yoga. scoop is at also, our bethesda studio is having a trunk show from 5-7pm and my assistant and i will be there with some fun goodies. stop by for some treats if you're in the neighborhood.

signing off to do more exciting paperwork - the not-so-fabulous piece of being a business owner. sending each of you much love and gratitude for resonating with hip tranquil chick! merci!

p.s. we'll be at jivamukti in new york (841 broadway) showing the eco-fabulous TranquiliT from 3-8pm on thursday the 20th. come see us!

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TaraL said...

Hi Kimberly,
A fan from Montreal (luna yoga) here...
I found this great web site called Etsy, which sells homemade things from all over the world. Each seller has their own little store, (which I will soon have...) It's really a fab thing as it makes it so much easier to steer away from box store, corporate cultre. Anyways, the other day I was looking around and found this Damask purse and it made me think of you. Oddly enough it's from a Montreal Designer. Hope you enjoy!
Peace and much love.

Miss Olivia said...

yay Kimberley! You will be at Jivamukti? I am so there! Looking forward to meeting you finally.