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Sunday, December 30, 2007

life planning + organizing

accountant meetings for 4.5 hours, website revamp suggestions to webmaster, spring line order to seamstress (and her 2 pugs), request to enviro tote company for new recycled cotton tote bags for TranquiliT and tranquil space, shipping online orders, meeting with darling teacher assistant, meeting with fabulous steering committee member to see her new digs, doctor's appointment complete with three new bottles of pills (for my not-so-fabulous GERD - again, worst name EVER), two yummy yoga sessions, chatting with boutique diva on reordering needs for tranquility boutique, meeting with teacher on launching free yoga class for survivors of women's cancers, a trip to ikea to get shelving to house my TranquilliT inventory, and hours of reorganization of files, inventory, and accessories such as post-its, note cards, paper clips, promo materials. this has been my past 48 hours.

i was to have a writing date with a dear soul today but i'm behind on my deadline (due in one hour) for the weekly column so we rescheduled it for tomorrow AND are combining it with a perusal of the edward hopper exhibit complete with reflection on 2007 and goal setting for 2008. that feels like a win-win. once i get this column piece written, i plan to slink back under the covers for a few hours of decadent napping and then hit the phillip's collection with beau to see the impressionists by the sea exhibit after he watches a football game. i always thought that men running after a ball in brightly-colored fitting capris was a bit perplexing but apparently the rest of the country loves it.

taking the time over the past few days to do so much organizing feels GREAT. i picked up a few magazine containers and small boxes at ikea to house online order receipts, pages i've pulled from magazines before tossing, tags and tagging accoutrements, scarves, and headbands. it feels so good to label the boxes and know these pieces have a home. i usually use shoe boxes and cover them in wrapping paper but . . . haven't gone shoe shopping in way too long so i don't have any. also, i'm able to find boxes made with recycled products now so it makes it a bit easier to be green AND organized!

here's to some "spring" cleaning during our final days of 2007 - in more ways than one, i'm talking relationships, guilt, negativity, old patterns, bad habits in addition to all the physical stuff we've accumulated - and some reflecting time to jump start 2008! for some tips, join us on january 7 for a "new year, new you" le chic teleclass chat or on january 12 for an all-day gala. until then, happy planning and maybe even a nap . . . or two!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure you're getting a lot of this from people but...about three years ago, I had the same throat issues. To the point of feeling like I might go a llittle crazy. I was convinced that I had to have cancer or something. Anyway, I had a good and kind doctor who didn't try to convince me otherwise and just ordered up the tests that would prove me wrong. Finally, after getting over the hypochondria that was happening, I listened to my partner and gave up ALL soy -- tofu, soy milk, watching especially for soy lecithin in other things -- and within ONE week, I was "cured." Now, years later, I continue to meet people who have very strange and intense throat issues related to soy allergies. And why doctors don't know about this, who knows? P.S. Thanks for the beautiful "ginger" necklace which my partner gave to me for Christmas. And thanks for your blog.

Anonymous said...

Always such an inspiration, thank you so much.
The goal planning information/suggestions you provide are wonderful - my entire week and weekend are dedicated to me, my life and 'my stuff'! I have realized with your help in the past year that in order to be true to myself and know where I am going, I have to focus on me once in a while!
Thanks Kimberly, happy new year and I hope that it brings much joy and happiness to HTCs everywhere! Looking forward to living tranquil in 2008!
Namaste ~

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Thanks so much for the ideas and kick that I needed to start my planning and organisation for 2008! This fits in so well with the planner pad that I have just received (and can not wait to decorate!!) - I am now part of the planner pad club - ha ha! Happy new year to you and all the other HTCs - bring on 2008!

Anonymous said...

I agree, your blogs are always inspirational even all the way over her in England! I have to say that your comments about letting go of negativity really hit a note with me and it is definately something I'm trying to accomplish this year.
Thanks again.