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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

don't cry over spilled cranberry juice

sunday's photo shoot went well - watch for new, fabulous photos of TranquiliT coming soon to the website AND you'll get to see our two new spring colors: coral and ocean. a sneak peek of a few of them are here for your viewing pleasure. after recording the bonus muse for the DVD haute holidays special (they're going out THIS week if you bought three HTC books for the holidays. thanks SO much for supporting the book!), i dashed off to our 8th annual holiday party. such fun to mingle off the mat with our delightful community. one of our teacher team leaders had the grand idea of having each teacher write something about all other teachers and she compiled it into one sheet for us to read. very special and so thoughtful!

i woke up for a few hours from 3-6am - boo - just couldn't sleep so my day began around 9:50am yesterday. my lovely assistant came over to assist with getting out 15 online orders (yay for shopping sustainable style!) and as we were getting set up, i moved my new sewing machine out of the way, only to knock over her cranberry juice onto her shiny white iMac. oops. dead. computer completely gone. made an appointment at the mac store to ensure we got it handled by the time she had to head to her evening plans and kept whirling away at the orders on my computer. ah, nothing like that to start your week. good news is they were able to save her hard drive so we got her a brand new computer (i joked that she set me up to get a faster computer) and she'll be back in business wednesday night. got all the orders to one of the few dc post office's that stay open until 7pm. whew!

more online orders to handle today (i feel like a little elf) and can't wait to hit the mat today. my body is aching from all the computer work so i may take two tonight in hopes of wringing it out. i attached a flier from lululemon as i'm going to be doing a booksigning this weekend at two of their locations. if you're local, please come out - would love to meet you! if you're not, you're there in spirit.

in case you're not done with your holiday shopping, i gave some green giving tips in yesterday's column. i think mama's gonna get a goat again this year! i hope you're staying semi-tranquil despite the bustling season and can't wait to celebrate a new year with you. would love to see you at our january 12 gala in dc, new york or costa rica retreat, or a booksigning/workshop along the way. it means a lot to have so many lovely ladies in my life - even if it is virtual.

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Anonymous said...

oh my goodness!!! what is that amazing black piece you're wearing in the first pic? that is stunning? is it out yet or is that a spring piece?! can't wait to see the website with the updated pics!

Pink Heels said...

I LOVE THE NEW CLOTHES!!! I can't wait to buy all of the new items when I visit in January! I am sooo excited!!! Yeah!

LobotoME said...

love the green hooded piece - i didn't see it on the website? is it available yet?

The Depressed Yogi said...

It's the 5 in 1 hoodie in apple = Just ordered one the other day!

L. Kuah said...

wow, the green hoodie piece is uber hottt! that's my favorite color and i can't wait to order it in the not so distant future. congrats on the new spring line!

Unknown said...

Kimberley, we did charitable stuff for our parents this year, and they absolutely loved it. I teased my mom about getting her a gaggle of geese. We also did Habitat for Humanity and a local homeless shelter. It's way better than more "stuff" and clutter, particularly for people who have just about anything. It's good to see other people giving gifts that give back.