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Saturday, November 24, 2007

pecan pie for breakfast

yum! god bless the dessert staples of thanksgiving! i've been dining on it non-stop. oh, with a dash of lite cool whip. decadence.

beau is home visiting family so i've been an organizing machine. began pulling everything out of my closet while he slept post-tofurkey and am slowly making progress of getting it all put back together. i finally decided to part with a dress i bought for a wedding when i lived in colorado in 1996. i haven't worn it since then and can't believe it's been taking up space all these years. my desk is piled with paperwork from my time in new york and this past holiday week. i can't wait to tackle it and bring some tranquility back to my work space (and closets!).

last night we hosted bhagavan das at the studio. what a gem! his music is magical and his presence is large. while organizing last night i had his music blaring and it helped turn my closet cleaning into a spiritual experience. everything can be a spiritual experience, eh? even eating pecan pie for breakfast.

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