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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

don't cry over burnt popcorn

bonjour from the wified bus to nyc! i'm a train girl with a bus budget so here i am, on a comfy bus with wifi access heading to my fave city. what more could a girl want? well, i was recently introduced to the most fabulous catalouge EVER - brocade home. while perusing the site yesterday, i came across this darling tool set. can you stand it? makes me want to get handy.

a BIG thank you to those who joined me yesterday for the hip holidays teleclass. it was a treat to connect with you all. i hope that the eight petals of creating a tres hip and tranquil holiday gets us all started on the right stiletto. as promised, here is the alternate nostril breath instruction that we went over on the teleclass. enjoy!

i woke up yesterday with a fairly unscheduled day that i had hoped would allow for some spaciousness. got down from my cozy loft bed to check e-mail and feed louis breakfast for the third time (he's very demanding) before hoping to crawl back into bed to read for a few hours. well, my plans were thwarted with numerous must-attend-tos. needed to squeeze in a photo shoot for the examiner and he couldn't do the afternoon so it had to happen in the morning since i was leaving for ny today. it wasn't your basic pose in fun yoga positions shoot as my new series is on healthy holidays so i had to get creative and pull together props. not easy to do when you're really wanting to crawl back into bed with a juicy (ok, the truth -- non-fiction businessey) book.

one of the props required me to make popcorn. i'd purchased it from a friendly boy scout at a random store in deleware weeks ago. the instructions said to heat 2-5 minutes so 3 seemed like a good idea. well, i noticed that it wasn't popping anymore, opened the microwave and saw a ton of smoke. took it outside to cool down. the little booger smoked for 5 more minutes before i got the grand idea to water it down. the whole center of the bag was black and charred. the house smelled like this all day. the poor photographer didn't mention it - suffered in silence. beau said he could smell it from outside! during my practice at the studio last night, i kept smelling something on my shirt and realized it was . . . that darn burnt popcorn smell.

the day was filled with random unexpected drama after random unexpected drama. needless to say, i didn't crawl back into bed until it was time to retire for the evening but i learned a few lessons along the way: 1. choose the lower end of the boy scout popcorn heating suggestions; 2. remember that these situations will be comical when they are over; 3. life is full of ongoing situations that thwart our best-laid plans or hopes of down time. it's best to go with the flow, don't fight it, stay in the present moment to tackle the challenges head on. 4. don't cry over burnt boy scout popcorn.

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Sneaux said...

Thanks for the laugh today. I think I can smell that popcorn from here!

Anonymous said...

that is comical. :)

-damon c.

LobotoME said...

Thanks for the nice tele-class the other night Kimberly!

Here's to no more burnt popcorn!

J :)