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Thursday, October 18, 2007

scents + sounds + cameras

incense is burning, my new aroma water swirl thing is a swirlin', bhagavan das is playing, and my desk is piled high with folders, books, and notecards. barely space for the laptop but i have managed to squeezed it in somehow.

tonight after teaching to a packed house in our new arlington space, i made my second appearance on arlington's independent media's weekly TV show. not quite CNN but such fun to share yoga with a fresh audience. i think we need a hip tranquil chick TV show!

tomorrow i get to go under as i'm getting an upper endoscopy. not quite shopping, yoga, or bookstore browsing but it's not every day you get to swallow a camera. i didn't know what it was until a few days ago. when i called to schedule it, i said, "my doctor says i need an upper something." somehow that translated to the appointment taker. then i get the paperwork that says i have to have a companion to escort me home or they can't perform the procedure. i got concerned. beau googled it and got very quiet. he was like, "oh, you get to rest and they check things out." there you have it. they check things out . . . with a freakin' camera! technology is amazing. i should be entertaining tomorrow after my medication!

in classes the past 2 nights i've played with a fun transition that i wanted to share:
warrior 1, add eagle arms, bring back leg around to full eagle, back to warrior 2

ok, gotta dash to bed and get beauty sleep for tomorrow's fun! maybe i'll top the procedure off with more french fries and hot fudge sundaes!

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shinyyoga said...

ohh nice transition!!

I always wonder with movements like that... I don't suppose you are meant to kind of 'push off' the back leg to get into eagle pose, no? That it's meant to be rather a graceful movement? I do have trouble with it!

I'm trying tho ;)


Ashley Goff said...

My mother in law just had this done! Really painless and she walked around all day with a fanny-pack that held the "film" while the camera took a bazillion pictures. Totally amazing.....

Anonymous said...

I would love the see an htc tv show-- a combination of a yoga instruction show and martha stewart type crafts/arts/interviews show!

There is a TON of great stuff on TV, but NOT a lot of great yoga.

I can't wait for an HTC TV show... even if you were kinda kidding, I hope you let that idea brew, its a great one!

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Hope the procedure went well - not expecting the pictures on this site (ha ha!). Take things easy (if you can!)....

Sharon Tessandori said...

Fun yoga sequence! I'm always playing with fun ways to transition to and from poses. I'm gonna play with it and maybe teach to my class tonight!

Anonymous said...

what show on arlington media?? i'd love to have tuned in-- give us the info ahead of time next time you're gonna be on!