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Saturday, October 20, 2007

louis' soiree

since you don't turn 3 every day, we had to throw a lil' par-tay for sir louis. we had louistinis (complete with cranberries), yummy savories, and orchids sprinkled throughout. by the time the last guests left at 12:30, louis was tuckered out and snoring away on my lap. it's not easy entertaining for a pug. even lakshmi and buddha, sitting on my altar, appeared tired post-soiree.

shortly i'm off to a partner workshop with doug swenson. beau is accompanying me for the fun. then the teachers have a special 2-hour session with doug. he comes annually to tranquil space and we love his spirit.

i woke up feeling blessed and very grateful for the people in my life, especially you. happy saturday.

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Dr. Leigh Ann Simmons said...

I *love* that you use your leopard martini glass at your soirees!! Makes me feel like I'm there in spirit. :) Happy B-Day Louis!

Severina said...

What a great idea, good ol' Louis. Hope he had a great time :)

The Depressed Yogi said...

awwww too cute!!!!!! happy belated birthday, louis!

p.s. guess who set off the fire alarm and almost got in major trouble for illegally burning candles in her dorm room? yeah... :-(