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Friday, October 12, 2007

gala gratitude

the week was a whirlwind (do i sound like a broken record?). monday's final call ended at 10:30pm, e-mails until at least 1am every night and days packed with meetings from 10am - 10pm. don't worry, i was sure to squeeze in yoga practices, hot baths, incense and candle burning (why am i addicted to this?), journal writing, and playtime with louis.

ahhh, yesterday provided some relief as it was a day set aside just for gala prep, including a trip to costco. that place is consumerism gone wild. someone should do a documentary on it. sensory overload. during yesterday's errand-running, my accomplice, the lovely jackie (far right in photo), joined me to pick up a donation from lululemon for the gala's silent auction. well, we decided that we deserved a few minutes of shopping and i came out with the most fabulous leg warmers. it's that time of the year and until i do my fall closet clean-out, i have no idea where i stored such chilly weather accoutrements during my spring clean-out. ah, gotta locate my arm warmers and leg warmers or fall will not be the same.

wednesday night was a highlight this week. beau was away and we both vowed to go to bed early since it had been such a crazy week and we had the gala the next day. well, we were e-mailing about the gala program until 2am. however, i got SO much organized. paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. since i had 7 meetings b/w tuesday and wednesday, i took tons of notes that contained numerous to-dos. if i just file them, the to-dos don't happen so i'm trying to create a system for keeping meeting notes but translating the action items into my planner pad. oh yeah, and keeping on top of all the crazy medical bills arising from trying to cure my odd "gurgle throat" and creating end-of-year goals for hip tranquil ventures, tranquil space foundation, tranquil space, TranquiliT, and tranquilista! the few hours set aside for the race that i'm not able to run this weekend will come in very handy as i work to closet clean and finalize my Q4 plans. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE getting goals down on paper.

must dash off to another meeting but wanted to share a quick shout-out to all of you. i will send more photos of the gala event once i have 'em. i was all excited to look at photos on my camera last night and there were only 2. ugh! others took many photos so stay tuned. the event was so much more than i could have imagined. amazingly organized by our steering committee and board (featured in photo sans the lovely amanda), we raised almost $2k from the generous silent auction donations, we had almost 80 guests and raised money based on ticket sales and additional donaations (still have to tally that - money is not my forte), and received lots of interest in getting involved with tranquil space foundation. SO exciting. i see this work as being so important and an amazing way to plant seeds with three tranquil tools: yoga, creativity, and leadership!

best wishes for an amazing weekend and may you continue to sprinkle seeds of tranquility among your very bustling life! namaste.

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Anonymous said...


when will tranqulit's fall line be unveiled?

also, where do you get your highlights done? you mentioned last week in the blog, and i noticed they look quite lovely in the gala picture. :)

Anonymous said...

Kimberly, do you ever think that maybe you do too much? This reader who cares about you wishes you would give yourself more downtime. But you know best.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the inspiration! I have a long weekend coming up - a much needed break from the office. I brought my planner pad home and I am going to get all my goals on paper with time frames through end of the year down! yea!
I have been neglecting to do this and wow I can see what a difference (for the worse) it makes.
I would like to know how you color code and use stickers in your planner pad?? Have an amazing weekend!

kimberly wilson said...

TranquiliT's fall pieces will be up on the site within the week. Stay tuned and soooooo sorry for the delay. Working on Spring 2008 now so hopefully we won't have such delays.

Thanks for the compliments on the highlights. Highlights are done by Gregg at PR Partners in Tenleytown. He's a doll and quite talented.

Anonymous said...

I agree, your highlights look great and that necklace is superb!!

I have been doing a bit of research about a 30 day at home yoga challenge. Most challenges require attendence at a yoga studio - not the at home practice that I need to build upon! I wanted to ask if you or one of your yoga teachers would consider conducting an online 30 day home challenge? Daily emails/blogs/etc. to motivate, offer advice, yoga flows, incorporate yoga from CDs (especially the HTC ones!) and poscasts, among other things. There are so many of us who do not live near a studio that offers yoga and I want to 'beef' up my at home practice but need a nudge to do that. I would love to see how 30 days of yoga and meditation would help me be at peace more and have more fluid days! Thank you and have a wonderful autumn weekend!

kimberly wilson said...

fun idea diana (you're always full of 'em - i love it!). anyone else interested in a 30-day hip tranquil chick lifestyle challenge? if so, i can work on putting it together and offer it as a teleclass in the new year. that way we'd get started on the right foot! xo